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  • CX Today's Charlie Mitchell introduces five contact center AI challenges. To run through them and share solutions, he's joined by: Neeraj Verma, Head of Generative AI Strategy at NICE GM, ElevateAI by NICE; Derek Top, Senior Analyst at Opus Research Both share their perspectives on each of the trends - as shared below: • Challenge 1: Limited Accessibility • Challenge 2: Achieving Cost-Efficiency • Challenge 3: Comparing Different AI Models • Challenge 4: Ensuring Security • Challenge 5: Embracing the Unknown
  • Tackle mountains of data using an API; trade clunky queries for trends at-a-glance, and keep your eyes on the metrics that matter most.
  • TalkingPointz Dave Michels talks to Neeraj Verma at NICE Interactions 2023
  • The leading API for contact center transcription and CX AI - including accurate speech-to-text, sentiment scoring, behavioral analysis. Watch how ElevateAI takes Customer Experience to new heights.
  • Understand and transcribe conversations with the most cost-effective API for contact center applications. No more tedious analysis. No more expensive services. No more limits. Make your contact center smarter with ElevateAI.
  • Developer-friendly APIs providing accurate, affordable speech-to-text and CX. AI to enrich every moment of every interaction.