Listen to Your Customers at Scale

Automatically convert audio into analyzable text with a speech-to-text API powered by the best of NICE’s AI research and technology.

Years of Analytics Innovation

Tap into the deepest CX analytics domain expertise with just a few simple command lines

Interactions Analyzed Every Day

Leverage robust models created using an abundance of data and trusted by the world's largest brands

All Transcription API Features

Any Audio Format

Transcribe voice data from any source, regardless of audio quality

Dual-channel Support

Recognize audio data from multiple contact center channels

Speaker Diarization

Pinpoint unique speakers

Word Timings

Track conversational impact

Confidence Scores

Understand word-level speech recognition

PII Redaction

Remove social security, credit card & CVV numbers

Transformer Technology

Boost speech-to-text accuracy

CX AI Add-on

Develop smart applications

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Why ElevateAI Transcription

Enterprise Grade

Our speech to text API can process millions of audio files every day for hundreds of customers, including many of Fortune 500 enterprises.

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Highest Accuracy

Our transcription is continuosly enhanced by billions of contact center interactions resulting in highly accurate and generalizable models.

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Proven Expertise

Our longstanding partnership with the world’s leading brands provides an unrivaled ability to transcribe speech and understand conversations at scale.

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Cost Effective

Our speech-to-text transcription technology has been optimized for decades allowing us to provide our users with meaningful savings and flexible pricing.

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Take Your Transcription Accuracy to the Next Level