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In today’s customer-centric landscape, businesses need to deeply understand consumer interactions. Do you have a backlog of audio files that need to be processed? Maybe you don’t know which tools to use for transcriptions and CX AI insights. But you know the current situation is inefficient, biased, and costly. You need a risk-free platform that provides AI conversation analytics – effortlessly extracting insights from customer data at scale.

ElevateAI provides an API, that unlocks the power of AI conversation analytics through seamless integration with the revolutionary Enlighten framework. And with the launch of ElevateAI’s 1K Everyday, you can get started with transcriptions and insights on 1,000 interactions daily at no cost.

What is Enlighten AI?

Enlighten is a groundbreaking AI solution purpose-built for analyzing customer engagements. Leveraging sophisticated natural language models trained on billions of real-life conversations collected by NICE over 20+ years, Enlighten evaluates agent behaviors and their impact on customer satisfaction.

The AI identifies critical soft skills like demonstrating empathy, active listening, and clear communication. It analyzes vocal tone, word choice, and context to understand nuanced behaviors. Enlighten transforms these crucial conversational behaviors into objective metrics for driving coaching, motivation, and improvements.

Integrate Enlighten Models via ElevateAI

ElevateAI provides API access to Enlighten’s analytics, enabling businesses to embed conversational intelligence into their own applications and platforms with just a few lines of code.

And with 1K Everyday, you can get started with daily transcriptions and CX AI insights for 1,000 customer interactions at no cost. This allows you to integrate Enlighten AI and experience the benefits immediately without a large investment.

Key Benefits

Integrating Enlighten via ElevateAI delivers transformative capabilities:

Motivate With Unbiased Feedback

Enlighten removes human bias by scoring behaviors according to predefined models. Businesses can accurately evaluate agents over 100% of interactions and provide objective feedback tied to satisfaction. This consistent, metrics-based approach incentivizes the right behaviors.

Optimize Training

Pinpoint systemic gaps in soft skills organization-wide and target training to address those needs efficiently. The data reveals where to focus coaching for maximum impact.

Understand Customers Deeply

Analyze as many interactions as you want, from a few samples to all your interactions, for holistic insights into overall customer sentiment, pain points customers commonly face, and opportunities to improve service.

Reduce Costs

ElevateAI is by far the most cost-effective means for transcriptions and CX AI insights.

Identify Trends

Uncover emerging trends by examining conversational data over time and be proactive. For example, identify if certain negative behaviors arise more frequently.


The bottom line is that ElevateAI and Enlighten provide the AI power to unlock transformative customer and employee insights from conversation data. This drives better experiences, performance, satisfaction, and business success.

Embedding conversational analytics through ElevateAI allows companies to tap into the competitive advantage of AI while focusing on their core business.

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