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Making AI-powered insights accessible for all

Pairing the power of free Generative AI with NICE’s market-leading transcription and proven, trusted Enlighten AI and CX AI models to uncover the hidden insights in your data.

Free Transcription

Start with 1,000 free transcripts every day, delivered via Cloud API

Generative AI

Free Generative AI features, including CX AutoSummary

Cloud API

Fully documented Cloud API easily integrates with any tech stack

Enlighten AI

The contact center industry's largest AI/ML framework

Uncover the hidden insights in your data using Cloud APIs

Get streamlined access to a portfolio of pre-built AI models using user-friendly APIs, with a user interface that was designed for our customers, by our customers. Tap into decades of technology experience – and get started for free.

ElevateAI by NICE makes it easier, faster, and more affordable for contact centers to leverage the power of AI.

Defying Limits and Redefining CX with the World’s Best Brands

Easy integration and deployment for accelerated innovation

Upgrade your CX strategy and stay ahead of the curve! ElevateAI by NICE offers a speech-to-text Cloud API developed from decades of contact center research and experience, backed by more than 70 technology patents.

  • Built using the latest technologies – AI, Generative AI, machine learning, deep learning, and cutting edge NLU/NLP research
  • Utilizes AI models trained on the largest CX datasets in the world
  • Leverages a transformer-based language platform to deliver the highest accuracy rates
  • Delivering high-dimensional semantic speech models with contextual awareness via proven CX AI technologies

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Power innovation with our just released ElevateAI Explore dashboards and free Gen AI-powered innovations like CX AutoSummary and Agent Improvement – all aimed at delivering exceptional experiences and constant innovation to every contact center.

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