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ElevateAI: Leveraging Customer Sentiment Analysis for Proactive Business Changes

Customer sentiment is crucial for businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. It’s not just about the company’s products or services but also how customers perceive and engage with the brand. Customer sentiment reflects customers’ feelings and opinions toward a business, and it can significantly impact everything from customer loyalty to brand reputation. In today’s […]

Best Practices
Improve the customer experience with ElevateAI CX Artificial Intelligence.

CX AI: How ElevateAI Can Improve Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized customer experience (CX). As businesses globally aim for stronger, more meaningful customer connections, solutions like NICE’s ElevateAI CX Artificial Intelligence are becoming indispensable. It seamlessly blends robust analytics with AI, aiming to track customer behaviors and agent performance and harness this data to anticipate needs and refine experiences. Features of […]

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AI-powered transcription

Top 5 Benefits of AI-Powered Transcription in Modern Enterprises

Enterprises produce many audio and video files daily – from crucial board meetings on Microsoft Teams to client discussions over Google Meet. Managing and deriving value from this sea of content can be daunting. Enter AI-powered transcription, a modern solution leveraging artificial intelligence to convert audio into accessible, actionable text. So, what exactly is AI-powered […]