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Delivering accessible insights with pre-built AI models via NICE CX AI

Empower your contact center with pre-built AI models like sentiment analysis, behavioral detection, and Gen AI AutoSummary to uncover hidden insights, enhance customer experience, and boost agent efficiency

Build the Future of Customer Experience

Use pre-built AI models from ElevateAI by NICE to surface hidden insights, enhance customer experience, and deliver agent efficiency improvements across your organization

Sentiment Analysis
Behavioral Analysis
CX AutoSummary
Agent Coaching

Gather Immediate Insights


Understand feelings
and emotions


Create Gen AI-powered interaction summary

Flexible File Format

Analyze audio, transcripts, and chats


Improve Customer Satisfaction

Acknowledge Loyalty

Recognize existing relationship

Effective Questioning

Know what to ask

Be Empathetic

Connect in meaningful ways

Inappropriate Action

Flag potential issues

Demonstrate Ownership

Gain insights into accountability

Build Rapport

Develop trust and affinity

Promote Self-Service

Encourage web and chat resources

Active Listening

Respond with mutual understanding

Set Expectations

Communicate next steps

Identify Vulnerable Customers

Vulnerable Customer

Gain a complete picture of customer vulnerability

Vulnerable Life Event

Identify negative circumstances

Vulnerable Capability

Identify inadequate financial knowledge

Vulnerable Mental Health

Identify vulnerable mental illness

Vulnerable Health

Identify challenging physical conditions

Vulnerable Resilience

Identify low ability to withstand financial change

Easily uncover the hidden insights in your data via a Cloud API

Streamlined access to a portfolio of pre-built AI models through user-friendly APIs, with a User Interface that was designed for our customers, by our customers. ElevateAI makes it easier, faster, and more affordable for contact centers to leverage the power of AI.

Why ElevateAI, Enlighten AI, and CX AI

Proven AI

Our AI is trained on billions of contact center interactions across numerous industries providing insights to accelerate your roadmap and beat the competition.

CX Superiority

Our longstanding partnership with the world’s leading brands provides an unrivaled ability to understand customer experience at scale.


Our API can process millions of files daily, allowing users to tap into our deep domain expertise and rapidly innovate.

Cost Effective

Our technology has been optimized for decades allowing us to provide our users with meaningful savings and flexible pricing.

Take Your CX Intelligence to the Next Level