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Uplevel Your Customer Offerings with ElevateAI by NICE for Partners

Built on NICE’s market leading Enlighten AI technology and delivering unmatched transcription quality via Cloud API

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Elevate Your Offerings

Join our ElevateAI Extend Partnership program and extend
the value of your customer engagements! Members receive:

Partner-specific discounts on
processing fees

Advanced integration design
planning and support

Input into future ElevateAI
features and functionality

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Easily uncover the hidden insights in your customers’ data via Cloud APIs

Deliver streamlined access to insights through a portfolio of pre-built AI models using easy-to-consume Cloud APIs.

Want quick time to value (TTV)? Deliver immediate value for your clients with their own data using ElevateAI Explore, our in-tool, widget-based BI dashboard, allows users to surface insights in minutes.

ElevateAI by NICE makes it easier, faster, and more affordable for all contact centers to leverage the power of AI-powered insights.

Extend Your Capabilities

Join ElevateAI Extend and fuel your customer engagements with the power of ElevateAI's constant innovation! Leverage our just released ElevateAI Explore dashboards and included Gen AI-powered innovations like AutoSummary and Agent Coaching – all aimed at delivering constant innovation to every contact center.

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