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From 1K Every Day for free to low-to-no-cost transcription and AI feature bundles, there is a package to meet every need –
and our innovative Generative AI offerings and widget-based dashboard tool are included at no additional cost!

Making our latest innovations available at price points ~93% lower than the rest of the market? That’s ElevateAI by NICE.

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Instant access to Transcription, Enlighten AI and CX AI models, Gen AI, and AutoSummary

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  • No credit card required
  • Zero commitment
  • 1,000 free interactions per day
  • Includes 1 API token
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Transcription and AI
$0.10per hour

Convert audio files into text, at prices ~93% lower than the competition, with industry-leading accuracy

  • AI Models and AutoSummary – included at no cost
  • Lower prices as you use more – automatically!
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  • PII Redaction
  • Speaker labels
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Stand-Alone AI Models
$0.03per interaction

Build smart applications that improve CX with access to pre-built AI models, Gen AI, and AutoSummary

  • Bring Your Own Interactions: Process
    Transcripts or Chats
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Generative AI
  • AutoSummary
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Prices reflect the list price per month for a given number of agents

Data as of July 2024

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