1 June 2023

ElevateAI Upgrades Free Plan to 1K Every Day!

Now Available: 1K Free Interactions Every Day!

ElevateAI is excited to announce the latest upgrade to our Free Forever Plan, now offering up to 1,000 free AI-driven interactions and CX insights, every day. You heard it right: introducing 1K Every Day! The change makes it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of AI to enhance their customer experience.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface

For developers, the good news is that our NICE AI remains accessible via easy-to-deploy Cloud APIs. We’ve designed our market-leading transcription service to be user-friendly, whether you are accessing it through the website-based user interface (UI) or via the our Cloud APIs. Using ElevateAI’s intuitive UI, users can manually upload up to 20 files at once. Importantly, there’s no need to worry about transcription quality. Our data models are built on decades of data and billions of contact center interactions, ensuring accurate and reliable transcriptions every single time.

Unlock Valuable Insights with CX AI

With our CX AI insights, you can access valuable insights using pre-built CX AI models developed from more than twenty (20) years of comprehensive, conversational datasets. Our CX AI insights include sentiment scoring and behavioral analysis, allowing you to unlock insights formerly hidden in your interaction data, while improving your customer experience. Watch this video to learn how businesses are improving customer satisfaction with sentiment scoring across 100% of interactions.

Success Stories: AI Empowering Businesses

We are proud to share the transformative power of our Free Forever Plan through real-world success stories!

  • An e-commerce platform leveraged our CX AI insights, significantly improving their customer satisfaction.
  • A tech startup streamlined their workflows using our transcription service, saving valuable time and money.

These stories illustrate the potential of our AI models to enhance operations and customer experience. We’re excited to see how your success story unfolds with our 1K Every Day plan!

Immediate Access to Upgraded Plan

The best part? Our upgraded 1K Every Day plan is available to all users, immediately. Once logged in, existing users will find that their account has already been upgraded. We can’t wait to see what you build using our upgraded Free Forever Plan – and what you can do with 1K Every Day!

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Neeraj Verma

Neeraj has extensive experience in the enterprise software space, having joined speech technology pioneer Nexidia straight out of college and spent his career in technology and customer experience. He transitioned to NICE with their 2016 acquisition of Nexidia and currently serves as the Vice President of Artificial Intelligence (AI), leading ElevateAI by NICE.