24 February 2023

Unlock the Value of Voice Transcription APIs

Unlock the Value of Your Conversational Data

Conversations are the lifeblood of business, and every conversation is an opportunity to learn.

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, understanding what your customers are saying is critical for your business to thrive. Organizations using transcription to listen at scale are empowered to optimize customer experience, ensure compliance, cut costs, and drive efficiency.

In a recent eBook, Aberdeen Research reported amazing results from organizations using AI to gain competitive advantages, including:

  • 3.3x increase in client retention rates
  • 3.5x increase in customer satisfaction
  • 8.0x decrease in customer effort and improved resolution speed
  • 11.5x decrease operational costs

With data like this, it is hardly a surprise that AI is already playing a significant role in shaping the future of customer – and agent – experience! In fact, NICE CMO Einat Weiss talked about that very thing in a recent blog, highlighting the three factors that are driving AI adoption across CX. But what about companies that find themselves priced out of AI deployments? ElevateAI is built to make NICE’s purpose-built CX technologies more accessible – and more affordable – for your organization, helping to make your insights more discoverable and by extension, more useful.

Uncover Hidden Insights with ElevateAI’s Transcription API

ElevateAI by NICE gives companies of any size, from startups to the world’s largest organizations, the ability to unlock the value in their conversational data and use it to positively impact their businesses – and their futures.

Let ElevateAI’s developer-friendly APIs can put the power of accurate, affordable transcripts at your fingertips, so you can focus on your core business and cut costs without sacrificing quality. Learn more about ElevateAI’s unique, market-leading transcription features, including support for:

  • both single and dual-channel audio files
  • automatic speaker separation
  • precise word timings
  • confidence scores
  • redaction of sensitive data

Get started for free today >> elevateai.com/getstarted

Ashley Griggs

Ashley has extensive experience in technology and the overall enterprise software space, with roles at industry leaders Dell/Dell EMC and IBM, in addition to almost a decade with NICE and NICE Nexidia. He currently serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships for ElevateAI by NICE.